february 9, 2015

"I'd like to seriously consider this."

Of all the conversations August Bergmen expected to have on this snowy and cold Monday morning, this was not one of them. It had all started with a remark about being able to enjoy the snow if they had kids to play in it with. He had known for years that Lissa could not conceive a child. Maybe it was because he had been adopted himself, but it had never made him care about her less. Her worth was not in her ability to provide him with children but in who she was as a person, and he had always figured that if they ever decided they wanted children, they would be able to find a way.

"As would I."

There were many avenues open to them, and he had done his research on the adoption process. It could be a short process, or it could be a lengthy one. There were many contributing factors to that, including the age of the desired children, and only time would tell what they were in for. None of that mattered. What mattered is they were both serious, and the more they talked over their morning coffee, the more he realized this wasn't some sleep-induced dream. This was actually happening.

"So, we want to do this? We want to adopt?"

August had always wanted children. It was the biggest reason his first marriage had failed. His ex-wife's miscarriage had torn their relationship they did have to pieces, and no amount of convincing on August's part could fix that. The woman he loved shut down, stopped letting him in, and refused to see reason. Eventually, she left him, and he soon filed for divorce. He wouldn't make the same mistake again.

"Yeah, I think we do."

There were questions of why they'd never had this discussion before, but everything happened for a reason, if the saying was to be believed. The timing of the conversation likely meant it was something they were both ready for, individually and as a couple. August knew without a doubt that they would be able to handle it. After all, there were countless young ladies in his life that he had become a surrogate father to, of whom he would do anything for. He knew that feeling would only be stronger for whomever they were lucky enough to bring into their family.

He knew there were a lot of details to work out, but the first step in moving forward was making the call to Adoption Services. As he left the room to do that, he could hear his wife squealing in excitement at the top of her lungs. His own laughter faded after someone had picked up the phone on the other end. Luck seemed to be on their side, as someone had cancelled because of the inclement weather just thirty minutes before his call.

"2:30 p.m. works perfectly for us. We will see you then!"

He placed the phone down on the table as the call ended and stared blankly forward in disbelief. He had never expected anything to come together this fast, let alone to be interviewed the very next day. August was used to special treatment because of his status, but it had been nothing other than dumb luck that had given them this opportunity. It wasn't as if they'd have a child in their arms the very next day, but they were a step closer. He knew now more than he had five minutes ago that this is what he wanted.

A smile was stuck on his face as he returned to the living room and his wife. She welcomed him back with open arms, and he made himself comfortable, using her lap as a pillow.

"They had an opening tomorrow. I told them we'd take it.

He could hear the nervousness in her voice as she declared that she was nervous, and, even though, he was as well, he told her not to be.

"August, you should be! It's a big deal! People are going to come and judge us to see if we'd be good parents!"

Leave it to his wife to go and say exactly that. He sighs and lifts up to look her in the eye.

"Of course I'm nervous, Lissa, but I'm also confident in how capable we both are."

That seems to be enough to calm her down, and he settles back in and closes his eyes. She relaxes too, and he knows the timing is right. There's no questioning whether or not they're ready - though he's certain that will come as the process moves along. For now, he's content with the decision they made and hopeful that within a short amount of time, they'll have met their child.