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august & lissa's 40th Birthday Bash
The Basics of the Party

Everyone was invited to August and Lissa's 40th birthday party on Friday evening. Her birthday is May 28, while his is the evening of the party (May 29). Unlike most of the events the Bergmens throw, this one is much more casual than it is formal, and they do not expect anyone to show up in anything more than jeans and a t-shirt (so to speak).

Even if people did not RSVP to the party when the invitation was sent out, they are still more than welcome to come! The more the merrier!
@ Howl At The Moon, Boston

The party begins at Howl at the Moon, which they have bought out for the evening, meaning there's plenty of room for anyone who wants to enjoy the show, which starts at 6:00 pm. Anyone with work commitments isn't expected to show until at least 7:00 pm. August and Lissa themselves will likely not arrive until shortly after 6:00.

Howl at the Moon is a high energy show centered around dance hits and party anthems, which means attendees should put on their dancing shoes. There are a variety of drinks available for anyone wishing, as well as a full dinner menu. Though the party hosts will not be partaking due to Lissa's pregnancy, they will encourage everyone in attendance to drink as many as they can for them.

Once the fun at Howl at the Moon ends, it's on to the next part of the night!

@ The Bergmen Residence

Once the show ends (or the couple wishes to take the party elsewhere), guests will be shuttled back to the Bergmen residence in a bus, and anyone who only wished to attend the after party will be able to meet them there.

There will be cake and various appetizers available to eat, as well as, you guessed it, more drinks! There will be a few non-alcoholic cocktails on hand at the request of Lissa and August.

Lissa and August will also be paying for taxis and towncars so that people can get drunk and still make it home safely as well!