full name august edward bergmen comicbook alias tony stark/iron man nicknames gus, gusto, bergmen birthday may 29, 1975 current residence boston, ma occupation ceo of bergmen industries relationship status married

On May 29, 1975, August Bergmen was born in San Diego to an illegal immigrant who died during child birth. Howard and Selina Bergmen had been struggling to conceive a child. Not long after deciding to adopt, they caught wind of baby August's tragic story and moved in to adopt him. The couple immediately fell in love with the boy and took him back to their home in Boston to give him the life he deserved.

It was apparent early on Gus, as he was so lovingly nicknamed, was a gifted child. He was above average intelligence and confident about it. He liked tinkering and playing around in one of the labs at his father's company. His parents put him in the best boarding school their billions could afford, and he excelled so much that he graduated at the age of 16 and enrolled at MIT.

His love for science led him to double major in physics and electrical engineering, and he later pursued a Master's degree in both subjects. After graduating, he took a job at his father's company. He had barely been there two months when his parents were tragically killed in a plane crash.

Young August was overwhelmed by the loss of his parents. Not only was he grieving, but he was thrust into the spotlight as Bergmen Industries' new CEO. After a rough year of drinking and a drug charge, August got himself and the company back on its feet. It has since become one of the top weapons manufacturers for the United States military.

With the company stabilized, he was able to focus on other aspects of his life. August married his college sweetheart. The happy couple immediately began trying to have a child of their own. It seemed August had inherited his father's desire to have an heir for the company on top of everything else. The couple tried for years with no luck, but finally, they were with child. After two months, his wife miscarried, and the stress of that tore them apart romantically. August filed for divorce a few months later, and the two haven't spoke in nearly ten years.

Since then, he has kept to himself romantically, building up an unwarranted reputation as a playboy and womanizer. The truth is that he really hasn't had eyes for any particular woman. At least, until fate intervened. It was a night like any other, and, from his table at the VIP section of his favorite club, he spotted a remarkable woman dancing below. Summoning her to join him might have been the best decision of his life, as not five minutes after she took her seat, a stranger pulled a gun on him. Had it not been for the raven-haired woman taking matters into her own hands, he would have died that night. She saved him, and he immediately offered her a job as his chief of security.

Though she initially declined, he persisted while they worked to get to the bottom of his attempted murder. He charmed her by sending flowers and offering large salaries in hopes of swaying her to change her mind. He was satisfied when he eventually won her over. He kept things professional for many years before eventually making a move, and, while they agreed it was just physical, neither of them could stop themselves from falling head over heels in love with one another. August proposed during the summer of 2014, and they were married at the end of July. The couple's first child, Olivia, was born on September 29, 2015.

  • Is the sole heir to his parents' fortune and gives a lot of his annual income to charity.
  • Put a large sum of money into building a wine cellar the basement of his home.
  • Loves comic books and the movies related to them. He is always first in line to see them.
  • Left-handed.
  • tie-ins
  • CEO of a billion dollar corporation that he inherited from his father.
  • Adopted, shares same birthday.
  • Majored in physics and electrical engineering at MIT.
  • Kind of a smart ass, a little full of himself.
  • Has a woman to keep him in line.
  • Fathers have the same name, has the same middle name as Tony.
  • family
  • Howard Bergmen (father, deceased)
  • Selina Bergmen (mother, deceased)
  • Lisandra Bergmen (wife)
  • Olivia Bergmen (daughter, born September 29, 2015)
  • Maxine Pope (goddaughter)
  • tattoos
  • Lissa's name on his left wrist
  • Arc reactor on his chest
  • storylines

    Bergmen Residence (Boston Townhome) Residents: August Bergment, Lisandra Bergmen

    Bergmen Industries Corporate Headquarters - 53 State Street, Boston, MA

    Founded in 1947 when Anthony Bergmen began developing electrical and engineering technology for the US military, Bergmen Industries is a now multinational conglomerate with facilities in over thirty different countries. This growth is due to the innovations of both Howard Bergmen and his son, August, who is the current President and CEO. Bergmen is the world leader in munitions development with its corporate office located in Boston, Massachusetts. The company also specializes in other scientific fields, including but not limited to aeronautics, robotics, micro-technology and fringe science. Bergmen Industries works harmoneously with both the public and private sectors.

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